Thursday, July 17, 2008


- I may actually close on my house next Thursday, if yet another complication does not arise. The last week it's been that they couldn't find the deed! Amazing.
- I had planned my move date for Aug. 2, but I'm not sure now if I should give myself another week to do shit around the new place before moving (floors refinished, electrical fixed, painting, some demolition?). Of course, if my friends will let me stay with them another week.
- I received my first housewarming gift and it was from my firefighter-ex. Four smoke alarms and a CO2 detector. Four because 1 for each level and one in the bedroom, which he said you really should have because too many people die from fires that start in their own bedrooms. I thought that was very sweet. And note that for your safety also.
- Oh, closing on the assumption Monday evening, so I'll be off that house and will get money from my soon to be ex. The woman working with us has been very responsive and helpful, so I left a message with her supervisor noting this, and she was so grateful for the positive feedback. It's good to be good to good people.
- And to balance out that niceness, I must admit I did a passive aggressive thing this morning and clomped around in my biking shoes. Last night the downstairs neighbor was playing club boom boom music loud enough to make me take a sleeping drug and move to another room to sleep. If it happens again I'll go and ask him to turn it down just a little. It's not like it was horrendous, but that crap just can't be ignored. And I do mean CRAP.


Susan said...

It is good to be good to people. Good for you. :)

I shall find the perfect housewarming gift. It will be my mission.

NoRegrets said...

Ah HA. That's what I should have is a contest to see who can give me the best housewarming gift, be it real or virtual. Of course, I'm not sure what the prize would be. I'd have to think about that.

laura b. said...

Great news, tempered with caution :-)
Can I get all corny and give you some peace and joy in your new home? Aaawwww!

Churlita said...

Just think. Soon you won't have to worry about a-holes playing loud music underneath you.

Good luck with the closing.

evil-e said...

and I know you love the techno beats!!

The last time I had to silence a neighbor I did the aggressive thing. Walked downstairs, knocked politely, and asked very nicely for him to turn down his (c)rap. I mentioned that if I had to ask again, I would not be so courteous. It stopped.

heather said...

kegger at nors!!!!
just remember, we have to demo, refinish the floors and hire an electrician ~before~ we tap the kegs, the painting... well, we should probably do that before we start doing shots at least. :)

Squirrel said...

Housewarming gift: a pint of your choosing at Bacchus or the Otter the next time you're in the gunks. It won't necessarily save your life, like smoke detectors will, but, well, it's beer, so it has that going for it. Good luck with the closing!

NoRegrets said...

Yeah, I know Churlita, I am so looking forward to that.
Evile- good for you - restraint.
Heather - don't shots make all the work go faster? :-)
Squirrel... Oh, yum. Thanks! Bacchus of course.

heather said...

they would but do you realy want to live in a house that was painted by a bunch of trashed people? might not be that bad if you only use 1 color throughout the house but it wouldn't be good either.

Anonymous said...
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Suzanne said...

I love your ex's gift. Funny, but practical. Incidentally, my exes might be more inclined to light my house on fire than give me devices to save me in a fire. It says a lot about you!

NoRegrets said...

Heather, I could just open up cans of different color paint and have people go at it.
Suzanne, well, it says a lot about them too!