Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Weirdness

This whole 'staying friends with the soon to be ex' creates some strangeness that has me a little discombobulated.
- Packing my stuff Sat am/afternoon, and he arrives with a friend with some furniture that he was given. It's my place but not really, so it's weird to offer the friend something to drink.
- Found out the actual final divorce will take 4-8 weeks after the 6 months, which, whatever, we can deal with. But my ex says on Saturday as he's leaving to go to a party we are both invited to, 'guess that means we will make it to 6 years' (Sept. 28).
- We're invited to the same party, and someone sings the praises of another guy to me in front of my ex.
- I had sent an email out to friends asking for help moving Aug 2, and made the mistake of bcc-ing him rather than sending him a separate email telling him when I am moving my stuff out so he won't be there. He commented 'it's weird that my friends are moving you out'. I corrected and said 'our friends.'
- Another friend at the party tells me about how it's cheaper to take your locks out and get them re-keyed at Home Depot than to buy new locks, but you just need to have people at the house while you do that so noone breaks in, and my ex asks them jokingly what they are doing on Aug 2. I just said 'fuck off'.
- He made a blueberry pie for the party that everyone loved, and I was very proud of him. And I asked him later, didn't it feel good to have people praise your pie? And it did.
- We went climbing together Sunday, and had a good time. We were supportive of each other, and were happy to share the sense of joy of getting to the car 5 minutes before a tremendous downpour, which made the temperature go down 20 degrees, and then driving to a place at which the downpour had not occurred yet, and the temperature be 20 degrees higher.
- We get back to the house and there's bugs in the garbage that holds the cat food cans, so I clean all that shit out while he's outside mowing the lawn, and he gets me food when he goes to buy dinner, and it feels like we're married again.
- Then I leave to go back to the place I'm staying, alone.


Susan said...


Look, minus va-jay-jay.

Glamourpuss said...

Hmmm, yes, that would make me feel weird - lines blurring all over the place. Another milkshake maybe?


NoRegrets said...

Aw, Susan, I miss your vjj.
Puss-if I keep doing the milkshakes I'll not find another man to replace him. :-)

Lauren said...

Oh goodness what a rough situation! That definitely can't be easy.

Susan said...

{sneak attack}

NoRegrets said...

Hi Lauren, no it isn't. Now I gotta go see where you came from... welcome by the way!
Susan - me--->[exclaim in suprise!] (do brackets mean a stiff vjj? :-) )

Susan said...

[stiff vajayjay, what??!] lol {~~~juicy~~~}

Ok, I'm done now.

evil-e said...

I cannot even imagine what that is like. It has to be awkward to say the least. You two still get along on one level but do not on others. I think this is why I feel marriage is not for me. At least breaking up with girlfriends is just a pain in the ass.

PS: after all the time spent getting this stuff done, you still have to allow 6-8 weeks for delivery?

Churlita said...

I hated that transition time. What a mind f*#@. Pretty soon you guys will have more definite lines that you won't cross.

Suzanne said...

Sounds very hard. :(

NoRegrets said...

Susan - LOL!
Evile-see Churlita's comment below yours. Definitely a mind fuck. Though she used an asterisk.
Churlita-you know though, it's all part of the process. I'm not ready to be completely disconnected. That will happen when it happens.
Suzanne-it could be a lot worse. At least we are friendly.