Tuesday, July 15, 2008


When articles about Dictator Mugabe and beating the opposition don't sway Americans' opinions, turn to the stories about the white farmers trying to save their land. Either way, it's such a horrible situation. It would be nice if the African states, the United States, some country in the world, would pressure him out of office.


dmarks said...

Remember, any time a socialist declares "land reform", it typically means that the land gets turned over to the socialist. Then, in every case, productivity goes way down and people starve.

TED BAEHR said...


Call your Congressman and or Senator immediately, and demand that the United States sends an advance recon military force to help this white minority!

Dial 1-800-577-6684 for more information on how you can help!

Dr. Ted Baehr

The CEO said...

That's horrifying regardless of who is involved. It doesn't matter who is doing the killing and who is being killed, or maimed, it's all pretty ugly. I could go on, and disparage the one guy they called "Senator", but power corrupts, and he apparently had gone completely overboard. Not that I have an opinion, mind you.

evil-e said...

The US is not allowed to do anything anymore. Every time someone even thinks we become bullies. Damned if we do, damned if we don't

NoRegrets said...

Dmarks, in this case, yes.
Ted-Glad to know that movie people are interested. Have someone make a movie.
CEO-yes, ugly is as ugly does.
Evile-pretty much, yep.

DBN said...

When you talk about white farmers in Zimbawe, I can't help wondering how they or their family originally got their land. Few people remember that Zimbawe used to be called Rhodesia, and that it was not very different than South Africa during apartheid.
That does not mean that what's going on is not horrible, not just to white farmers, but to the large black Zimbawean population ruled by that thug.
Whatever injustices there might have been in land distribution in Rhodesia clearly are not cured by more injustices, beating, bullying and oppression today. Not that black Zimbawean are going to be better off with Mugabe's thug in control of the land. Wealth is still be stolen by a small, if different, minority.

dmarks said...
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NoRegrets said...

Yeah, I know DBN. Originally, if I remember correctly, the take over of at least some of the land from the whites to hand over to the blacks was based on the idea of retribution for the whites taking over the land in the first place. It just was not done well, and got out of control. And is now just a mess.