Friday, June 13, 2008

And what did YOU do on YOUR lunch hour?

-Oh man, it's starting to burn a little.

-Chocolate, lots of it, is my 'reward'.

-I'm glad I've jumped out of airplanes, because the anticipation was similar.

-CUSS is going to hate me.



-I'm afraid to look. Really truly.

-I've done what I swore I never would do.

Full Brazilian.

Why did I do this? Because I've never done it.
I've scoffed, pshawed, ridiculed, gagged, derided.

But then my friend who was getting married last fall went for hers, since she was going on a dive trip after her wedding, and she counted off some of the benefits. It stuck in my head. And other thoughts right now - summer's coming, if I do it now it's not FOR anyone and thus there's noone but me to like or dislike it. And though I'll be poor in a month, right now I'm not, so there you go.

Walking to the appointment I was trying to calm my nerves using techniques learned or developed from climbing and sky diving. I don't think it was the heat - my palms were sweating. But really once I got there it was all ok. The woman was very professional as she tied me down on the table in her soundproof room so noone can hear you scream.

Just joking. Actually, the room really was pretty soundproof. But I wasn't tied down and I didn't need to scream. Amazingly enough, it wasn't all that bad. Only one strip hurt really really badly, you can guess which. Topical anesthetic, I love you. And she also would cover the spot she waxed with her hand immediately after pulling, which helped immensely. And I managed to not fart, which was good, because who knows what she would have done to me then.

Factoid: The right side is more sensitive than the left. She said so - everyone experiences that.

Factoid: Some people bleed. I didn't.

Fact: I really can't look. I'm scared I'll gross myself out. I know I'll have to look at some point.

Next steps. Not wearing underwear right now (and wearing a skirt that will NOT fly up with a breeze). When I get 'home' I have to lather neosporin on me and wear loose clothing tonight.

And, so that's what I did on my lunch hour.

I hope noone comes to my blog looking for Social Security or Medicare information. This post will certainly blow their minds.


Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

I've never had one, and now never will since I started the laser removal process (like 2.5 years ago!) and was forbidden to wax or use depilatories ever again. It would behoove me to finish the process at some point so I can stop shaving; I'm sure I'll basically be starting over, which kinda sucks. I love the hairless feeling; my hair removal is never for anyone but me;>

My lunch hour was nowhere near that interesting.

Susan said...

I watched Dreamgirls. Thus, if you calculate, my lunch "hour" became "two hours" as I sat in our cafe staring at the tv.

I was reading this at my desk laughing so hard I'm in tears. Jolly Green is staring. I told him I was reading about "Brazilians"...he assumed nuts. Now I'm laughing harder.

NoRegrets said...

Wait, woo, you're doing laser removal DOWN THERE? yeah, we'll see how I like it. So far so good, but then, I haven't really gotten out of my seat. I'm afraid to!

Susan, given where I work/live, there are likely nuts that wax their nuts.

WNG said...

Wow Woo Woo! So does the laser hurt??? Mama G is a fan of the brazilian (yeah, I know all kinds of things about my mother that I never really needed to) but I don't really have the guts. I cry when I get paper cuts. I SOB.
Anyway, I say yea for doing it for you and for 'going commando'

Gyuss Baaltar said...

Weird, I spent my lunch hour the same way. Whew! I don't think I an put my laptop on my lap for awhile.

NoRegrets said...

I *thought* I heard girly screaming from the room next door!

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

The laser treatment pain is relative, I think. I have five tattoos, including one on my breast, which some people say is painful; I think it's more annoyance than pain, though, and I felt te same way about the laser 'pain'. I had 3 out 5 treatments done and then got knocked up and wasn't allowed to finish them.

And, wng, I only got the laser stuff done because my mom got lasered and got me a gift certificate. We're close , too;>

The CEO said...

This is a new trend for me. But, I'm adaptable.

The CEO said...

Oh, for lunch, I had barbecued eel at my desk, while I tried to straighten out a paperwork mess in Tampa, FL. I couldn't. There's always Monday. I only left my desk to go to the fridge. I'm very boring.

Tera said...

Um....hmmm...I'll take your word for this one, because I will NOT be signing up to have it done! I'm afeared! Those fuckers (pun intended) had better like the kitty cat just the way it is!

And I can't believe all this talk of nuts in my absence!!! I'm starting to feel left out!

Susan said...

Tell me not to jinx it, Nor. Email me over and over not to jinx it.

Glamourpuss said...

Ouchy ouch ouch. Not for me. I'll stick with the laser. I had a Brazilian once for a gig I was doing, but it was so effing painful I vowed never, ever again. I salute your dedication to the depilation cause.


NoRegrets said...

CEO, glad you are so adaptable. And shall I note that it's interesting you had eel?

TERA, yes, I understand. You really should go read CUSS and join the movement. :-) Again, I just wanted to try - I can't NOT do something because I'm scared of it! And BTW, if you come 'round more, you'd be central in the conversation of nuts and what all.

Susan, done.

Puss - thanks for visiting! I visited yours on recommendation of CEO, and really do love it. Will be back. Obviously different people have different tolerances for pain. Guess I have a high tolerance, like Woo. Again, I'm not dedicated to it - it was an experiment...

Squirrel said...

H'mmm, so you started the week with no bra, and ended it with no knickers. Sounds like a great week! Makes me smile just thinking about it.

evil-e said...

That is hot...cleanliness is awesome.

How bout some photos!!!

NoRegrets said...

Squirrel - didn't think of it that way. yes, pretty damn funny.

Evile-photos coming! See next post.

The CEO said...

It was barbecued eel and it comes as sushi, one of my favorite foods. Unfortunately, it's highly caloric and also in carbs. Terrible for diabetics. But every once in a while .....

Churlita said...

I don't think I could do that. I've heard it's kind of annoying when the hair grows back in too. Let me know if that's true.