Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Scavenger - Season

OK, I'm at my house packing up shit, and so I have access to the computer. As promised to Evil-E, here are photos!

[is this not what you meant Evile? :-) ]
Even though there's no 'ing', this is what I thought of first. All of my seasonings. So many I needed an extra drawer. My husband and I haven't talked about how to divide these. He actually is a good cook if he tries, which he never needed to since I love to cook.

And since I was on a roll with the music, I have to add my musical take on the word season. It's quite an appropriate song for all seasons. (it's a bad video, so, sorry)

And finally, added on Saturday night, a quote from the book I'm reading:
Men talked of war as if they committed it to preserve what they had and what they believe. But Inman now guessed it was boredom with the repetition of the daily rounds that had made them take up weapons. The endless arc of the sun, wheel of seasons. War took a man out of that circle of regular life and made a season of its own, not much dependent on anything else.


laura b. said...

Wow, my seasonings have nothing on yours! What a collection :-)

Excellent song choice too :-D

The CEO said...

What a wonderful song choice. I can never begin to tell you the memories it brings back to me. I have been sitting here day dreaming. Thank you.

NoRegrets said...

Laura, one of the best wedding presents we received was a spice box from Penzey's. Amazing. That's the basis.

CEO, you are more than welcome.

Susan said...

I like these seasonings. I have this spinny thing that I only use about 5 seasonings out of. There are seriously things I have no idea what I'm even supposed to use them in.

How's your weekend been,dear?

Tera said...

I have always wanted a nice spice rack and just haven't bought one! Maybe it will be on my Christmas wish list this year.

Thanks by the way for supplying a song wo be stuck in my head for the remainder of the day!

evil-e said...

Very nice...not exactly what I had in mind but nice none-the-less. Very nice array of seasonings there. I love having that stuff around as well because I am a good cook too.

Hey at least you upload photos now...speaking of which!!

NoRegrets said...

Susan, if you like to cook there's a great book that you could look up a seasoning and it would tell you what you could use it with. Actually, likely any cookbook would do that. Or do you just like to spin them round and round? Weekend update above. Saw yours.

TERA, anything I can do so you think of me...:-)

Evil-e - I have another song for you. Oh, I'll post it now.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I thought about this route but then thought I'd need to clean my spice that was out! Recycled some tree photos instead.

Love the song. One of my favorites.

Tara said...

It seemed that spice was in the air for this Saturday's Scavenger Shots! Hehe. Almost all of us posted stuff about seasoning.

Churlita said...

I too have an insane amount of spices in my house. I never know when I might want to make Indian food or Thai or whatever. I'm a little jealous of all of yours, though.