Friday, June 27, 2008

On the lunch menu today

Was a good cry. Well, a sufficient cry. A good cry would have been sobbing, but sufficient is enough to get me through the rest of the work day. It's kind of nice to be lying on your back staring at the clouds go by and let the tears roll into your ears. Well, in a twisted sort of way, if you like crying. And you like water in your ears, which I don't, but drying them out gave me something to do. :-) The snot, however, was another story. Couldn't snort it in, so had to blow it out and be disgusting without a tissue. As opposed to being disgusting with a tissue. Or writing a blog entry.


WNG said...

The tears rolling into my ears thing drives me insane.
But sometimes a good cry is necessary. Hugs and vodka to you, NoR.

no comment on the snot except


The CEO said...

I am so glad to be back. Really I am. I am also glad that you got it out of your system, and I hope you feel better now.

Churlita said...

A release is always good - either laughing or crying. They both work.

Mel said...

k.....truth is, crying and upchucking are the top two things on my list that I detest.

G'head--feel free to have one for me, it's greatly appreciated.

ummmm...cept for the part about blowing without a kleenex.....ewwwwwww

Tera said...

So what did you blow it on? And moreover...where did you put it...the snot that is?

NoRegrets said...

WNG, thanks. But, wait, you don't like snot??? :-)

Oh, CEO, welcome back! How did you do?

Churlita, I had some laughing Wed night, but things pile up quickly these days!

Mel-I actually like both! Not that I go out of my way to do them, but I feel better afterwards always.

Oh, TERA, it's great you want the details... Well, It's the whole finger tissue and wiping it on the concrete, and well, leftover on the shirt. Oh well!

Squirrel said...

MIght I recommend a farmer's blow if you find yourself in this tissue-less predicament again? I was crying today too, but it was because I was swimming and sunscreen kept getting in my eyes, so maybe not quite the same thing.

Tara said...

A good, cleansing cry is very good for you. I've had them. Good laughs are also nice. So I recommend watching someone on Youtube who really makes you laugh till you can't breathe. It's awesome.

I must admit, I've never had a good cry while staring at clouds. Not yet, at least!

evil-e said...

clouds, tears, and snot rockets!!!

You always have such interesting lunch tales...this is almost a feature on your blog

NoRegrets said...

Squirrel, yes a farmer's blow is a good thing. But when people are very close by, I try to be a little discreet...

Tara, you should try it.

Evile-you're all about features. :-)

Glamourpuss said...

Crying is very cathartic. Don't they call it white bleeding in India? Snot however, is an abomination. Sending you a hug.