Monday, June 2, 2008

'Tis the Season


After all the crap and chaos, it's so nice to go outside and focus focus focus on climbing, and get your butt kicked by some rock. Went climbing here this weekend, and haven't been here in a while. It's like seeing an old friend. I actually went climbing with my husband, which was nice. Like I said, we'll be friends. Though I get a little nervous when his response to my teasing statement of 'thank you for not dropping me' is 'you didn't fall'. !! :-)

We did one three pitch climb on the right side. I did the first pitch and kind of got lost. He did the second which was scary even following. Then he did the third. The whole time the wind is howling through the gap, the trees swaying, the birds flying, leaves flying UP because of the wind. I had a hanging belay after the second pitch and I was literally hanging over an edge and space. Looking down at the tree tops. [btw, hanging belays SUCK because you can never have enough padding on your harness to make it comfortable]

Climbing up the third pitch I hear my husband make some noise, and he told me he'd tell me later what was happening. I just kept climbing and had to focus because it was tricky. Then I heard what sounded like thunder, and it was. I just kept climbing. I didn't notice until almost the end that it was raining! The rock was overhanging enough that I didn't get wet. My husband just had his right shoulder and head wet, for some strange reason. Another downpour came through after he was up and safe, and we stayed under some rock for shelter. So, needless to say, the day was ended for us. Though some might climb in the rain, we don't. It was fine though. We had a nice day.


Churlita said...

It sounds like a nice climb. I don't think I'd risk climbing in the rain either. I'd be too afraid of slipping.

NoRegrets said...

It was very very nice.

Tera said...

I still can't believe you do are fearless woman!